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E-Business suite Web-based Utilities

Web based utilities and their usage. Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) provides a Web-based interface where system administrators can: Monitor system status, Administer services, Examine system configuration, Manage Workflow, View applied patches, Measure system usage. Note: OAM utilities provide a help function.

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CM: Commands and their usage

Concurrent manager commands and their usage 1. Submit active user request at O.S. level. Note: Always submit active user request( preferably from OAM) to ensure all services are working fine. a. Use below command at O.S. level to submit active user request. CONCSUB APPS/apps_pwd SYSADMIN “System Administrator” SYSADMIN WAIT=N CONCURRENT FND FNDSCURS PROGRAM_NAME='”Active Users”‘ b. […]

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CM: concurrent manager FAQs

 Concurrent manager FAQ’s When would one be required to bounce (stop and restart) the Concurrent Manager? When you modify the Printer Driver you have to restart the Manager which runs the request which is attached to that Printer Driver, however,if you do not know which manager then you have to restart the Internal manager because […]

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CM: Script to check the status

 Script to check the concurrent manage status set serveroutput on declare target number; active number; pmon varchar2(30); stat number; begin fnd_concurrent.get_manager_status(targetp => target,activep => active,pmon_method => pmon,callstat => stat); dbms_output.put_line(‘stat = ‘ || stat); dbms_output.put_line(‘active = ‘ || active); if (stat = 0 and active > 0) then dbms_output.put_line(‘CM is UP’); else dbms_output.put_line(‘CM is DOWN’); […]

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