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Fusion Middleware: RCU Installation prerequisites and steps.

We know that RCU execution is integrated part of FMW. Therefore, lets have a look on this important topic. RCU Prerequisites: NOTE: You may need to bounce the database is parameters are not set to their minimum recommended limit. Create a user and grant below privileges. Grant sysdba to skumar with admin option ; GRANT […]

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SOA 11g Architect, Components and File system

In this post we will be discussing about the SOA-suite 11g.   Directory Structure of Oracle SOA Suite Installation   High level steps for SOA installation.        

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RCU (Repository Creation Utility)

1. What is RCU(Repository Creation Utility) ? Many of the Oracle Fusion Middleware components require the existence of schemas in a database before installation. These schemas are created and loaded in database using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU). 2. How to install RCU ? Download the software from and   go to cd rcuHome/bin (on UNIX) or cd rcuHome\bin (on Windows) […]

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SOA: Installation Part-1

SOA: Installation Part-1 After many years of working with oracle product I am curious to explore the new features in Fusion Middleware 11.1..1.6 as mentioned by oracle. High Level steps are as under. 1. Prepare the local system’s environment You must customize/match your system environment to the MW installation, so you will install/configure the correct components. […]

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