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Unix: Network Statistics (netstat)

Network Statistics (netstat) netstat displays the contents of various network-related data structures in depending on the options selected. Syntax netstat multiple options can be given at one time. Options -a – displays the state of all sockets. -r – shows the system routing tables -i – gives statistics on a per-interface basis. -m – displays […]

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Unix: Performance commands at O.S.

Performance related commands iostat , vmstat Introduction to iostat , vmstat and netstat This document is primarily written with reference to solaris performance monitoring and tuning but these tools are available in other unix variants also with slight syntax difference. iostat , vmstat and netstat are three most commonly used tools for performance monitoring . These […]

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Solaris and AIX: prtconf command

prtconf command for Aix and Solaris operating systems. It provide the information about below ones: System model. Machine serial number. Processor type, number of processors and clock speed of processors. Network information. File system information. Paging space information. Devices information. Total memory size. To Gather General Machine Information Using the command prtconf alone provides the […]

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Split a *.gz file and merge again in Linux or Windows.

This post will deal the situation where you have big size of dump of anything and you need to split that into smaller chunks than need to send over ftp/mail etc. After that need to regenerate the same it was before splitting. Situation: I have a expdp dump of 35 GB, I need to send […]

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