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RAC Interview questions

  RAC Questions and Answers

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RAC Database stop and start steps

  Steps to Shutdown/Start RAC Database 1. Shutdown Oracle Home process accessing database. 2. Shutdown RAC Database Instances on all nodes. 3. Shutdown All ASM instances from all nodes. 4. Shutdown Node applications running on nodes. 5. Shut down the Oracle Cluster ware or CRS. Starting steps are from 5 to 1(means which stopped last should be started 1st). […]

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Oracle 11g Architecture

  Oracle 11g Architecture  

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Tablespace usage history

Tablespace usage history of 7 days. select thedate, gbsize, prev_gbsize, gbsize-prev_gbsize diff from ( select thedate, gbsize, lag(gbsize,1) over (order by r) prev_gbsize from ( select rownum r, thedate, gbsize from ( select trunc(thedate) thedate, max(gbsize) gbsize from ( select to_date(to_char(snapshot.begin_interval_time,’YYYY-MON-DD HH24:MI:SS’),’YYYY-MON-DD HH24:MI:SS’) thedate, round((usage.tablespace_usedsize*block_size.value)/1024/1024/1024,2) gbsize from dba_hist_tbspc_space_usage usage, v$tablespace tablespace, dba_hist_snapshot snapshot, v$parameter block_size […]

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