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Category Description Script DB Admin DBAD: Database size in TBs DBAD_DB_Size_TBs.sql DBAD: Database size in GBs DBAD_DB_Size_GBs.sql DBAD: Database size in MBs DBAD_DB_Size_MBs.sql DBAD: Tablespaces Used and free in MBs and % in MBs DBAD_Tblspc_Used_Fee_MB_%.sql DBAD: Tablespace usage history DBAD Tblspc Usage History.sql DBAD: Given tablespace datafile/s used auto max GBs DBAD_Tblspc_DFile Dtls_GBs.sql DBAD: Given […]

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CM: Commands and their usage

Concurrent manager commands and their usage 1. Submit active user request at O.S. level. Note: Always submit active user request( preferably from OAM) to ensure all services are working fine. a. Use below command at O.S. level to submit active user request. CONCSUB APPS/apps_pwd SYSADMIN “System Administrator” SYSADMIN WAIT=N CONCURRENT FND FNDSCURS PROGRAM_NAME='”Active Users”‘ b. […]

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CM: Script to check the status

 Script to check the concurrent manage status set serveroutput on declare target number; active number; pmon varchar2(30); stat number; begin fnd_concurrent.get_manager_status(targetp => target,activep => active,pmon_method => pmon,callstat => stat); dbms_output.put_line(‘stat = ‘ || stat); dbms_output.put_line(‘active = ‘ || active); if (stat = 0 and active > 0) then dbms_output.put_line(‘CM is UP’); else dbms_output.put_line(‘CM is DOWN’); […]

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CM: Script to check the log file location

Script to find log file location SELECT ‘ICM_LOG_NAME=’ || fcp.logfile_name FROM fnd_concurrent_processes fcp, fnd_concurrent_queues fcq WHERE fcp.concurrent_queue_id = fcq.concurrent_queue_id AND fcp.queue_application_id = fcq.application_id AND fcq.manager_type = ‘0’ AND fcp.process_status_code = ‘A’;

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