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Category Description Script
DB Admin
DBAD: Database size in TBs DBAD_DB_Size_TBs.sql
DBAD: Database size in GBs DBAD_DB_Size_GBs.sql
DBAD: Database size in MBs DBAD_DB_Size_MBs.sql
DBAD: Tablespaces Used and free in MBs and % in MBs DBAD_Tblspc_Used_Fee_MB_%.sql
DBAD: Tablespace usage history DBAD Tblspc Usage History.sql
DBAD: Given tablespace datafile/s used auto max GBs DBAD_Tblspc_DFile Dtls_GBs.sql
DBAD: Given tablespace datafile/s used auto max MBs DBAD_Tblspc_DFile Dtls_MBs.sql
DBAD: All information about locking/blocking, wait etc. DBAD_Lock_Block_Info_n_Sol.sql
DBAD: IMP scripts to see Reports, Stats and many more. DBAD_Inbuilt_Scripts_n_Usage.sql
DBAD: Drop all objects from a schema before refresh. DBAD_Drop_All_Obj_of_Schm.sql
DB Backup and   Recovery
BKP: expdp/impdp directory, SCN, timestamp and consistent BKP_directory_SCN_timestmp_const.
BKP: expdp/impdp estimate the dump size without real export. BKP_dump_size_without_exp
BKP: expdp/impdp full database BKP_Full_DB
BKP: expdp/impdp full database without password BKP_Full_DB_without_pwd 
BKP: expdp/impdp complete reference BKP_Complete_ref 
Perf: List Hit Ratios, Roolback Seg wait and Dispatcher workload  Perf_Ratios_RSW_DW.sql
Perf: List all info about all users like osuer, machine, prg etc.  Per_All_sessions_All_Info.sql
ASM script to see the used disk space ASM Disk Used Space.sql
ASM to check the disks details within a disk group ASM_Disks_In_Disk_Group.sql
ASM List of ASM files and its volume details ASM_File_n_Volume_Info.sql
ASM Disk Performance Metric ASM_Disk_Perf_Metric.sql
RAC: List all locked objects for all instances in RAC  RAC_All_Locked_Objects.sql
RAC: List details for sessions wait from all instances in RAC.  RAC_Sessions_Waits.sql
RAC: List memory allocation to all sessions in whole RAC.  RAC_Sessioins_Mem_Alloc.sql
RAC: List all info about all users as osuer, machine, prg etc in RAC  RAC_All_Sessions_All_Info.sql
RAC: List info of all long operations in whole RAC  RAC_Sessions_Long_Runn.sql
High Availability
HA: Scripts to check if archive logs are being shipped and applied to standby.  HA_Arc_App_Check.sql
Workflow Mailer
WFM: Script to check service status. WFM_service_status.sql
WFM: Script to check notification mailer status. WFM_mailer_status.sql
WFM: Script to stop notification mailer. WFM_mailer_stop.sql
WFM: Script to start notification mailer. WFM_mailer_start.sql
WEBL: Scripts to start/stop Weblogic  WEBL_Scripts_Start_Stop_Webl

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12C Multitenant Architecture

Please click the image to see in full screen.


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12c Database architecture

Please click the image to see in full screen.


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