Performance Strategies

Performance Strategies:

As we know performance tuning strategy will differ based on environment, for example Fusion Middleware strategy will not be same as E-Business suite. In this post I will cover general approach. Please refer the individual category for more information.

1. Architecture and designing:
a. Scalability
b. Architecture
c. Partitioning
d. Application Design

2. O.S and Instance level tuning:
a. O.S components and their usage.
b. O.S. I/O, CPU, Memory
c. Database memory configuration
d. Automatic performance reports and diagnostics.

3. Network health check and speed:
a. ping, netstat, ifconfig , telnet gv$cluster_interconnects and gv$instance
b. tnsnames.ora, listener.ora, sqlnet.ora and tnsping
c. Tunnels

4. Query tuning and session level performance:
a. Session details, query text and resource consumption
b. Query optimizer, Explain Plan, DBMS_statistics,
c. Indexes, Clusters, Execution Plan, Joins, Hints
d. SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Tuning Sets, SQL Access Advisor
e. Tracing tools, SQL trace, TKPROF

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