SAPDBA Tools: Features and Usage

SAPDBA tools and their usage summary

SAPDBA:  Tool set for BR Tools and their usage.

Tool Purpose
BRGUI Functions as a Java-based GUI, working as the front-end display program for BR*Tools
  1. Displays the menus from which the other BR programs are called
  2.  Functions as an internal help tool started by BRBACKUP, BRARCHIVE, and BRRESTORE
BRBACKUP Backs up data files, control files, and online redo log files of the database
BRARCHIVE Backs up offline redo log files
BRRESTORE Restores data files, control files, and redo log files
BRRECOVER Recovers database files and restores profiles and log files
BRSPACE Manages the database instance, space, and segments (that is, tables and indexes)
  1. Performs database administration tasks such as statistics update, check database system, adapt next extents, clean up logs and DBA tables
  2. Functions as a help tool to monitor the database during a backup

Note: Below features apply to all the BR*Tools:

  1. Menu-driven interface,  including GUI, in English or German
  2. Context-sensitive supporting information
  3. Detail and summary logs
  4. Available with operating systems UNIX and Microsoft Windows
  5. Command-line options for experts

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